43 ways to relax this winter break

Winter break is a fine time to unwind after a stressful semester. We’re talking festive parties, overeating, and sleeping in. Here are forty-three other ways to take your relaxation to the max:

  1. Take long naps.
  2. Pig out on home cooked food.
  3. Catch up on Netflix.
  4. More Netflix.
  5. Read a book for fun.
  6. Bake cookies.
  7. Eat cookies.
  8. Catch up with friends.
  9. Engage in a snowball fight.
  10. Take a bubble bath.
  11. Or, if you can find it, soak in an outdoor hot tub.
  12. Go skiing.
  13. Don’t know how to ski? Learn.
  14. Or just go sledding.
  15. If you prefer a lower impact sport, try ice-skating.
  16. Spend an entire morning in a café.
  17. Build a snowman.
  18. Dress your snowman in fancy garb.
  19. Build an igloo.
  20. Sip hot chocolate inside your igloo.
  21. Listen to carols.
  22. Sing carols, even if it’s just to yourself in the car.
  23. Watch old family videos.
  24. Watch cat videos.
  25. Watch this little elephant play with a long ribbon.
  26. Hang out with your family.
  27. Drink eggnog.
  28. Make mulled wine.
  29. Play a board game.
  30. Cozy up by the fire.
  31. Lounge in your warmest flannel pajamas.
  32. Watch snow fall.
  33. Buy yourself a present.
  34. Go on a walk.
  35. Decorate a gingerbread house.
  36. Eat your gingerbread house.
  37. Drive around your neighborhood at night; admire the holiday lights.
  38. Make paper snowflakes.
  39. Enjoy all things peppermint: peppermint bark, candy canes, and peppermint hot chocolate.
  40. Watch football.
  41. Play football.
  42. Make a blanket fort.
  43. Watch your favorite holiday movie. Pro tip: Home Alone 2.