43 productive things to do instead of spending money

Take advantage of your free time between and after classes. Here are 43 productive things that can occupy your time and don’t cost money:

  1. Do your laundry
  2. Cook a healthy meal
  3. Go for a run
  4. Watch a documentary
  5. Read a book
  6. Bake a cake
  7. Solve a sudoku puzzle
  8. Go on a long walk
  9. Play fetch with your dog (or a friend’s dog)
  10. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  11. Paint your nails
  12. Take a free online class
  13. Visit your local farmer’s market
  14. Learn a new language with one of these free apps
  15. Create a study schedule for your upcoming exams
  16. Teach your pet a new trick
  17. Learn to play an instrument with a YouTube tutorial
  18. Organize your closet (donate your unused clothes)
  19. Write a song
  20. Host a game night
  21. Make your bed
  22. Complete a crossword puzzle (in pen!)
  23. Start a blog
  24. Meditate
  25. Call your friend
  26. Paint a picture
  27. Vacuum
  28. Do yoga
  29. Prep your meals for the week
  30. Read a newspaper
  31. Complete a Pinterest DIY project
  32. Update your iPhone apps
  33. Plant a veggie garden (use pots for an indoor “garden”)
  34. Dance!
  35. Clean out your refrigerator
  36. Take a power nap
  37. Organize your music library
  38. Update your LinkedIn profile
  39. Make a monthly budget
  40. Write in your journal
  41. Have a picnic with friends
  42. Knit a scarf
  43. Sell your old textbooks with ValoreBooks 🙂