4 ways to sell your used college textbooks

We at ValoreBooks have always saved you money when you buy or rent textbooks. But did you know you can also sell those books back when you’re done with them? Our highest buyback price guarantee means we’ll pay more than your campus bookstore. Plus online quotes are instant and shipping is free. Click here to get started, then read on for ways to maximize the amount those used books are worth:

The earlier you sell, the better.

Sometimes book sellers only need to buy back a limited quantity of a book. That’s why buyback prices are always higher in the beginning of December. As the month wears on, books may not be worth as much. But, with ValoreBooks, your price quote is valid for 30 days, so lock in your price now, and ship in the book when you’re ready.

Make sure everything that originally came with the book is included.

That’s CDs, study guides, posters, maps, or anything else. Not only will you get a higher price if you have these, you might not be able to sell the book back at all if you don’t.

Clean it up.

The newer a book looks, the more it’s worth. That’s particularly true of water stains. In addition, you should erase anything written in the margins, flatten out dog-ears, and peel the gum off the cover.

Sell old books.

If a textbook is no longer being used on campus, then a campus store usually won’t buy it back when the semester ends. But we always purchase over 1 million different titles, so there’s a good chance we’ll pay you for it even if your campus bookstore won’t.


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