15 inexpensive but romantic Valentine’s Day dates

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Need some ideas for a fun, romantic, and affordable date for you and your significant other? We’ve  got you covered! Check out these 15 Valentines’s Day date ideas:


1. Walk in the park

Bundle up, go outside, and take a walk in the park. Fresh air, sun, and beautiful views are romantic by their very nature. Better yet, they’re free!


2. Visit a museum


Get tickets to your favorite museum and see the latest exhibition. Show your student ID and you might even get a discount.


3. Take a dance class


Most college towns have a dance studio. Sign up and shake your booty! Or learn a romantic style of dance—tango, waltz, or salsa!


4. Make a blanket fort


Use furniture in your apartment or in your dorm to build a blanket fort and spend the day inside it. You can watch a movie, play games, or just get cozy. Get inspired with these forts.


5. Cook dinner


Show off your cooking skills and whip up something fancy for dinner.  It’s more personalized than going out on the town, and way cheaper. Plus, you really only need a microwave to make some gourmet meals!


6. Go to a concert


Check out the local music scene for a live concert. If you’re over 21, bars are a safe bet.


7. Explore the city


Leave the house and pretend you’re tourists. Hop on the subway or the bus and visit a neighborhood you’ve never been to before. Eat truck food, wander around, and see the sights!


8. Movie marathon


Get all his/her favorite movies together and spend the entire day watching them—back to back! The only things you need to buy are a nice bottle of wine and some snacks (popcorn)! Here’s a list of the best Valentine’s Day movies that everyone will enjoy.


9. Go sledding or build a snowman


Winter can be fun and romantic. All you need is a cheap sled and a steep hill. Or, if you live somewhere flat, all you need is a bit of snow on the ground. Build a snowman! Dress it up!


10. Go to a karaoke bar


What better way of showing your love than singing for her/him? Visit a karaoke bar in town and sing each other your favorite songs!


11. Try different coffee shops


Have a caffeine addiction? Go on a coffee tour. Walk around your town or neighborhood, stopping in every coffee shop you come across. Who doesn’t love a latte, a Danish, or a nice cup of tea?


12. Enjoy some wine


Get a nice bottle of wine (or two!), a cheese platter, and some bread. Then, indulge! It’s cheap, easy, and romantic.


13. Create a photo album


Gather together your favorite pictures from your relationship and create a photo album decorated to your love. Cheesy? Definitely. But so what? That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.


14. Bake cookies


The couple that bakes together stays together! Whip up a batch of each other’s favorite cookies. Then throw on some music or a movie. Cozy up and enjoy.


15. Say “I love you”


Last but not least, say “I love you” to each other. It’s the cheapest and most romantic gift anyone could give or receive.


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