14 signs you’re a totally broke college student

Getting a college degree costs more than it should, which is why so many college students are strapped for cash. Here are fifteen signs that you’re one of them:

1. You use textbooks as furniture

textbook furnitures

A stack of books can be a chair, a footrest, even a nightstand!


2. Your favorite words are “buy one, get one free”

shopping in sale

Cheeseburgers, notebooks, t-shirts, bottles of shampoo—you’ll stock up on anything and everything, so long as it’s on sale.


3. You look for quarters left in vending machines

vending machines

Then add those quarters to your laundry fund.


4. Laundry is an optional activity

laundry is hard

Who needs clean clothes? If they smell, you can always spritz them with air freshener.


5. You regularly borrow less than a dollar

borrow coins

For a snack, for a coffee, for a parking meter.


6. You stockpile food from the dining hall

stealing food from dining hall

You know, several meals worth of mashed potatoes. Or a purse full of fruit.


7. You save birthday gifts so you can re-gift them to other people

giving gifts

It’s only weird if you get caught, right? Or you accidentally give the gift back to the person who first gave it to you…


8. A night out consists of watching Netflix in the library

netflix all night

That counts, right?


9. You host potlucks every weekend

free food

You invite your friends, then keep their leftovers.


10. You hoard napkins, plastic utensils, and ketchup packets from fast food restaurants

taking free stuff

It’s not stealing if they’re free for the taking!


11. You take toilet paper from public bathrooms

public restrooms

It’s never the premium brand, but it gets the job done.


12. The only alcohol you buy comes in plastic jugs


It tastes the same when you mix it with orange juice…right?


13. The only reason you call your parents is to ask for money

ask your parents for money

Strangely, they’ve stopped taking your calls…


14. You like studying not because it’s fun, but because it’s free

studying is free

Bring on the all night study session!

Stay positive, you’ll get through it!

broke college students



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