14 free online resources for college students

Getting a degree is expensive and hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There are online resources that can help you solve just about any problem you might encounter during your education. Check out some of the best:


1. Rate My Professors

rate my professor

Have you ever wanted to know how good a professor is before you take their class? Now you can find out! Better still, you can rate professors you’ve already had so next semester’s students will know who to seek out and who to beware.


2. EasyBib


The worst part of writing a paper is attaching a bibliography to the end. But why do it yourself when EasyBib can do it for you? Whether you’re using APA, Chicago, or MLA styles, EasyBib makes citations a breeze.


3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Whether you want to learn something brand new, or supplement your classroom education, Khan Academy is a one-stop-shop online learning resource where you can learn just about anything for free.


4. Coursera


Like Khan Academy, Coursera allows you to take online courses for free. Coursera is different, though, as these courses come from the world’s top institutions, like the University of Michigan, the University of London, and Duke University.


5. SparkNotes


When you just don’t have time to read a book, or want help understanding its themes, symbols, and motifs, check out SparkNotes for trustworthy and comprehensive study guides on everything from The Great Gatsby to Lord of the Flies.


6. SimpleTuition


If you need private student loans to cover your tuition bill, it’s important to remember that not all private student loans are created equal. Interest rates and borrower benefits change from lender to lender and even from loan to loan. Comparing your options with SimpleTuition could save you thousands over the life of your debt.


7. Audible


Why read your books when you can just listen to them?


8. TED


TED is like YouTube for those less interested in cat videos and more interested in science, art, technology, business, politics, and more. The videos are short, insightful, and often funny—in other words, the best lectures you’ll ever get.


9. Quizlet


Mobile and web-based flashcards, tests, and study games make learning easier and, more importantly, fun.


10. Boundless


Boundless is cloud-based teaching and learning at its very best. Think cloud-powered textbooks, classrooms, and other teaching resources.


11. Groupon


Deals are a student’s best friend, and Groupon is the king of saving you money. Score discounts on food, travel, fun, and more!


12. Glassdoor


Making it easier for you to find a job after you graduate, Glassdoor allows you to not only search millions of job listings, but also shows you real employee salaries and employer reviews.


13. Fastweb


This leading online resource is a metaphorical crockpot of information. Find scholarships that are targeted to you. Learn about all your financial aid options, including federal and private student loans. Search for colleges. Even get career advice.


14. ValoreBooks


Textbooks have always cost more than they should, which is why buying or renting online could save you hundreds of dollars per year. With ValoreBooks, you can even sell your books back when you’re done with them!



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