13 apps to survive college

Thanks to today’s technology, there are numerous apps that help college students with everything from citing sources, to managing finances, to dating. We compiled a list of the best and most necessary apps that you need to survive college.


EasyBib app icon

1. EasyBib

Are you writing a paper and need to cite your sources? EasyBib makes it easy to cite websites, books, newspapers, journals, databases, and many more.



2. Mint

Track your finances with Mint. It organizes and categorizes your spending, making it easy to keep track of your savings and set financial goals.



3. Skype

Stay in touch with friends and family that are far away. Call, video, message, and share documents for free.


StudyBlue app icon

4. StudyBlue

Easily create flashcards with text, audio, and pictures. You can also search the database and borrow someone else’s stack of flashcards that they already created.


SelfControl app icon

5. SelfControl

Stop getting distracted with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. SelfControl blocks the sites that distract you for a specific period of time, so you can actually get your work done. (Only available for computers)


LinkedIn app icon

6. LinkedIn

This business-oriented social networking service app allows you to connect with professionals in your field, exposing yourself to potential job opportunities.


Alarmy app icon

7. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

This alarm actually makes you get out of bed, walk to a specific destination, and take picture before it turns off. You won’t miss another 8am class.


RedLaser app icon

8. RedLaser

Find the best price for an item with RedLaser’s price comparison tool. Just scan or search for the item and RedLaser will track the entire list of price and store options near you.


GrubHub app icon

9. GrubHub

Ordering takeout has never been easier. Order food from restaurants around you with the option for pick up or delivery. Sometimes it’s okay to order food instead of going to the dining hall.


StaySafe app icon

10. StaySafe

In case of an emergency, sometimes taking out your phone and calling 911 isn’t possible. With this app you set a timer before you head out and if you don’t check in before the timer is up StaySafe will notify your specified contacts and send them your location.


Venmo app icon

11. Venmo

Instantly pay back your friends for last night’s dinner or tonight’s drinks with Venmo.


Dropbox app icon

12. Dropbox

Upload you documents and photos to Dropbox for easy access and sharing across your computer, tablet, and phone.


Hinge app icon

13. Hinge

Meet people through friends. Hinge only allows you to connect with people that are in your social network (friends of friends). No more creepy strangers.


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