10 hilarious videos to help you through finals week

As finals week arrives in full force, comedic relief becomes more and more sparse. Stress and seriousness have settled in and there is little escaping it. Luckily, the internet has endless comedy to offer! Take a study break and check out 10 of the funniest videos on YouTube:

1. Goats yelling like humans.

As it turns out, a number of goats make noises that are eerily human-sounding. Check it out.

2. Slap chop.

Most infomercials are painful to get through. Vince Offer makes this one a hilarious an entertaining experience.

3. This sloth believes he can fly.

A sloth being lifted across the street, paired with a 90s classic. What could be better?

4. Cats try and understand a treadmill.


Cats are known to be the internet’s favorite animals. These curious kitties take the funny cat video to the next level.

5. Remi Gaillard is a kangaroo.

Remi Gaillard is the master of public pranks, and when he puts on a kangaroo suit, things get a little crazy.

6. Zombie kid.

This little boy answers a news anchor’s question with three words so random that they are perfect.

7. Ha ha ha.

This 2 second clip has over 2.5 million views. The video has become something of an internet meme captivating audiences on Reddit and 9gag.

8. Baby panda sneeze.

Who knew such a small animal could have such a powerful sneeze?!

9. Charlie bit my finger.

A classic that never gets old. These brothers have a priceless exchange.

10. Dramatic Chipmunk.

This chipmunk speaks for itself.

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