10 DIY dorm decorations you should try

Now that you’re a bit more settled in, it’s time to spice up your dorm room. These DIY decorations will help add some color and personality to your room:

1. Cupcake flower lights

DIY cupcake flower lights

Image source: ohhappyday.com


2. Clothesline picture holder

DIY clothesline picture holder

Image source: dormroomcrafts.blogspot.com


3. Washi tape letters

DIY washi tape letters

Image source: polkadotchair.com


4. Wall organizer

DIY wall organizer

Image source: designsponge.com


5. Geometric paper patchwork for your wall

DIY geometric paper patchwork

Image source: crafts.tutsplus.com


6. Scallop cork board

Hint: Use a cork board instead of thin pieces of wood so that you can pin things on it.

DIY scallop cork board

Image source: youaremyfave.com


7. Floral and wire words you can hang or lay against the wall

DIY floral and wire words

Image source: abeautifulmess.com


8. Washi tape picture frames

DIY washi tape picture frames

Image source: designsponge.com


9. A simple cacti and succulent garden

DIY cacti garden

Image source: abeautifulmess.com


10. Ombre dip-dye a duvet cover

DIY ombre dip-dye a duvet cover

Image source: hgtv.com


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