10 clever costumes for a pun-filled Halloween

Halloween, the best holiday, is just weeks away! That’s why we’re here to help you get ready with these pun-filled, crowd-pleasing costumes that are cheap and, more importantly, easy to make:


Smarty Pants Halloween Costume

1. Smarty Pants

An economical, albeit tedious costume to make: get lots of smarties—you know, America’s favorite “candy roll”—and adhere them to your pants using double-sided tape or, if you’ve got a throwaway pair of pants lying around, glue.


Chick Magnet Halloween Costume

2. Chick Magnet

There are a couple of ways you can make this costume. You could wear a red t-shirt over a grey long-sleeve shirt and then attach rubber ducks to your forearms. Or, you could make the magnet out of cardboard, paint it, and then glue on the rubber ducks.


Party Animal Halloween Costume

3. Party Animal

Dress up as any animal you fancy. Leopard prints, for example, will do. Then just wear a party hat!


Ceiling Fan Halloween Costume

4. Ceiling Fan

Got a plain t-shirt? Write, “Go Ceiling!” on it. Then carry around some pom-poms. This costume is sure to confuse some people, but will delight those who take a few seconds to think about it.


Batman Halloween Costume

5. Batman

Got a baseball bat? A wiffle bat? A cricket bat? A t-ball bat? Have any bats of any kind? Just carry them around. When people ask, tell them you’re “Batman.” Use air quotes to indicate how dark and ironic you’re being.


cereal killer Halloween costume

6. Cereal Killer

Another cheap, easy costume. Affix empty cereal boxes to your body. Stick some plastic knives into them. For effect, cover your shirt with fake blood.


Formal Apology Halloween Costume

7. Formal Apology

Wear your finest outfit. A tuxedo, for example. Or your prom dress. Find some article of clothing—a scarf, a tie, a hat—on which you can write, “I’m sorry” in huge letters. Or carry a framed sign.


Nickelback Halloween Costume

8. Nickelback

Quite possibly the cheapest costume on our list. Exchange $1 at the bank for nickels. Tape them to your back. If you feel like really getting into character, you could try singing some of Nickelback’s greatest hits at whatever party or event you’re attending.


Iron Chef Halloween Costume

9. Iron Chef

Score a chef’s coat, chef’s pants, and, most importantly, a chef’s hat. Now that you look the part, all you need is a clothes iron.


50 Shades of Grey Halloween Costume

10. 50 Shades of Grey

Hit up your local hardware or paint-supply store and ask for those paint sample fan decks that display various shades of grey. The more shades available, the better. Now, tape them to your shirt!

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